Court Marriage Cancel in Noida

Marriage Certificate Cancel In Noida

Cancellation of Marriage Certificates in Noida Court. A bench headed by Justice Thottathil B. Radhakrishnan supported the decision by rejecting an application by a German NRI engineer that ruled in favor of a single judge rejecting his application to terminate his marriage. According to him, he received a marriage certificate after his engagement to Nethu. However, his relationship with his bride's family became strained and he filed for divorce.

One judge ruled that when the parties filed a joint petition stating that their marriage was validated and that when they presented evidence of it, the local registrar was under a vow to register the marriage. Corrective action could not be exercised in respect of errors in the marriage certificate. Errors may be made by the local registrar while performing the certificate submissions, or errors may be made by the parties while submitting their registration memorandum.

One judge also ruled that cancellation of entry could only be made if the local registrar was satisfied that entry into the (General) Marriage Register was incorrect in nature or in some way or done fraudulently or improperly. But those who were married could not go to the local registrar and say that for some reason they had made a false entry and because that purpose could not be achieved, they wanted to be independent in the proclamation. Registration of a marriage to obtain a visa will only be made at the discretion of the people in the alleged marriage.

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