Arya Samaj Mandir in Greater Noida

Arya Samaj Marriage in Greater Noida

Arya Samaj Mandir is a sacred hermitage where simple and legally binding marriages are held. Besides, the Marriage ceremony is completely held according to the AUM tradition. This is the direct incorporation of Sanatan Dharm that sees no caste-based discrimination. The Arya Samaj Marriage in Greater Noida includes those who follow Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism as the mainstream. People from other streams of faith and religion will have to voluntarily and primarily convert into Sanatan Dharm (Legally called Hinduism) in order to get the benefits of the organization’s marriage service.

Welcome to Arya Samaj Mandir in Greater Noida Expert all Marrage Middle and All Arya Samaj marriage alternatives provided to all indian. Wedding solemnised can be under the Hindu Wedding Act, 1955 or under the Exclusive Wedding Act, 1954, All judge marriage Act,1937, Arya Samaj marriage is now a legal need in most of the indian. Factors an effective marriage documentation from the registrar of Marriages is required. There are different guidelines for different spiritual beliefs. For example there are Hindu Wedding Act, Islamic Wedding Act, and Religious Wedding Act and for the Wedding. You can do your execute effectively in brief time frame with the help of our Arya Samaj Mandir marriage center.

Arya Samaj Mandir in Greater Noida has been striving to walk in the footsteps shown by the Stalwart Dayanandji who happens to be the Manasaputra of the Goddess of knowledge who blesses everyone equally. The Vedic rituals and the Mantras narrated in Hindi and other understandable languages are purified and witnessed by Agni, the ultimate Hotri (Conductor) of the most sacred ceremony. Of course, the Legal formalities are also complete and relevant papers are processed and handed over to the couple within hours of the marriage. We at Arya Samaj provide a complete range of marriage-related ceremonial and legal services under a single roof. We ensure that both parties from the groom and bride sides, regardless of their personal faith and class are spiritually, emotionally, and economically benefited to their full satisfaction.

Procedure of Arya Samaj Marriage in Greater Noida

The Procedure of Marriage by Arya Samaj in Greater Noida is very simple and straight forward. The bride and the groom will have to furnish certain basic statutory requirements and attachments like

  • Birth certificates as age Proof (Minimum age is 21 years for groom and 18 years for Bride).
  • Photographs as prescribed.
  • Affidavits that confirm Legality of marriage relation (incest and other banned relations as per Law).
  • Two witnesses from each side would be statutory.
  • Two beautifully decorated garlands, sufficient stock of sweets and Pure Ghee.
  • Arranged Marriage in Greater Noida

    At Arya Samaj Mandir, we believe in solemnizing of marriages in a very simple and dignified way, helping the couples in entering the married life without any hindrances. Our requirements of documents are few, which means that the bride and groom need to prove their date of birth and two witnesses from each side to start the wedding ceremonies. The guidelines for marriage at Arya Samaj Mandir are easy to follow in order to accommodate every willing couple for performing of the marriage ritual.

    Arya Samaj Mandir solemnizes marriages of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. Those couples from different religions, namely Islam and Christianity need to first convert themselves into Hinduism before a marriage ceremony is performed for them.

    The Mandir sermonizes Arya Samaj marriages, love marriages, court marriages, and arranged marriages. During the marriage ceremony, the sacred fire and other things are the sole witnesses to the ceremony. This is because Arya Samaj has no faith in idol worship. Hence, no pooja ceremonies and rituals are held in this way of the wedding.

    The marriages conducted in Arya Samaj Mandir are genuine and have legal sanctity. All the marriages are performed under the Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937. This means that no one can challenge these marriages in a court of law and socially. There is no financial burden on the couples as they pay only a nominal fee and no other payments for marriage.

    Inter Caste or Inter Religion Marriage in Greater Noida

    People from the Vedic ages knew no castes and had no religious dogmas. The only thread of life that bound every marriage was Love and mutual respect. Inter Caste Marriage Services Greater Noida under the auspicious locations of Arya Samaj precisely aims to revive the same caste-less system in modern society. Court Marriage Inter-Religion Marriage is also held under the protection of the Law of the Land. All the relevant statutory initiatives are taken and relevant documents prepared and authenticated on time. The inter-religious marriages require that the Non-Hindu partner has to voluntarily adopt the Hindu way of life as per the Samaj tradition at the time of the ceremony

    Love Marriage in Greater Noida

    Blessed are those lovers who unite in the sacred relation of marriage. But, sometimes, the loving couples are not so fortunate enough. Either the family, social inequality or other barricades may block the path of marriage. Love marriage services in Greater Noida is available for the legally eligible and mutually loving couple under the Arya Samaj blessings and legal protection. Court Marriage Service in Delhi ensures that all the statutory requirements are completed on time. This paves way for a fear-less future for the couple and their offspring(s). Besides, the blessings of AUM and the sacred fire sanctifies the marriage perfectly and flawlessly.

    Advantages of Arya Samaj Marriage:-

    • Certificate of Marriage is a document providing social security, self-confidence particularly among married Women.
    • Certificate of Marriage is a document, which provides valuable evidence of marriage;
    • Certificate of Marriage is useful in getting the visa for the wife/husband.
    • It will be helpful in claiming the Bank deposits or Life Insurance benefits when the depositee or the Insurer dies without a nomination or otherwise.

    Documents Required for Arya Samaj Marriage:-

    1. Passport Size Photographs – four each of Marrying Persons.
    2. Residential Proof (Voter Card / Passport / Ration Car / Driving License / Bank Passbook / Lease Deed / Rent Deed) of Marrying Persons.
    3. Date of Birth Proof (Municipal Corporation Certificate, X th or XII th Examination Certificate, Passport, PAN Card) of Marrying Persons.
    4. If any party is widow / widower Death Certificate of the dead spouse.
    5. If any party is divorcee Certified copy of Decree of Divorce granted by the Court.
    6. If any party is a Foreign Citizen or holding a foreign Passport or is having foreign residential address – Certificate of Present Marital Status of the party / No Impediment Certificate / NOC from concerned Embassy and Valid VISA.
    7. Two Witnesses (Both should be major)

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